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For completeness, let's take a closer look at: behavior, as well as possible actions of a communication partner; the form of address used, as well as what and how the partner says; the result of actions and behavior. appearance and its attributes; facial expressions, eyes, facial expressions; temperament, communication style, etc. For the most comfortable setting of verbal and non-verbal communication, for a deeper understanding of the reasons for the emergence of a particular emotion, reWe recommend reading the proposed articles of the section: What color is your thinking? What kind of bird are you? What caste do you belong to?

  • How to dream to make your dreams come true? How to learn not to be offended or irritated?
  • How to stop being nervous about anything?
  • What is egregor?
  • Can you protect yourself from hidden hypnosis?

These and other materials of the heading are presented to you in the form of audio recordings in the "Podcasts" section. You can listen to them directly on the site or download them to your computer. The following authors of ShkolaZhizni.ru are experts in the field of psychology: The section "Psychology of relations between a man and a woman" is about the most significant and exciting topic for the majority. Relationships provide a chance for emotional fulfillment, intimacy and understanding of the deepest level. Nothing gives the lives of the majority as much meaning as intimate relationships.

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  • Love and relationships are the easiest way to take sildenafil ... But unfortunately, too, if you do not know the secrets of this subtle art. I reveal them here. You can read the texts in any order. You can start your acquaintance with the section with the article "Relationship Rules".

  • If articles alone are not enough to understand your situation and you want to dig sildenafil, you can use my online consultations. A number of issues are also devoted to love and relationships on my youtube channel.

  • At the University of Practical Psychology, you can learn everything or almost everything about human psychology. This article is based on materials from the University webinar.

  • Each of us has our own characteristics: a different amount of memory and a different reaction rate, from childhood boys love to play cars and fight, girls play with dolls and sneak, with age we all change our values ​​and interests.